July 2022 Hut-to-Hut Trek

COVID-19 Information – we recommend a family of four-six or friend-group of four to adhere to social distancing guidelines. Disinfecting precautions will be taken for all common surfaces.

Gather your family and/or friends and join us for a five-night all inclusive hiking adventure in the Colorado Flat Tops Wilderness.

We have partnered with Adams Lodge Outfitters, Trapper’s Lake Outfitting and Welder Outfitting Services to offer a self-guided Hut-to-Hut trek where a camp host/cook awaits you at every site.

Day1: Arrive at Historic Ute Lodge and spend your first night in our Ute Lodge Tent. After an outdoor BBQ, enjoy a campfire talk with a local, experienced guide.

Day 2: In the morning you’ll enjoy a hearty mountain breakfast and we’ll review maps and gear. We will then transport your group to the Big Fish Trailhead to begin your marked trek. You will hike 3.3 miles along the valley to your first campsite to meet your camp host. Relax for the evening with good food, campfire stories and star gazing. You will sleep in a wall tent – with your group – equipped with cots, sleeping pads, lanterns and a wash bin.

Day 3: In the morning your camp cook will prepare breakfast, hand you a sack lunch, and start you on your path to the top of the Flat Tops – 6.5 miles away. You will spend the night in the Jewel Lake area and enjoy the splendor of camping on top of the Flat Tops.

Day 4: This day is about traversing the wide expanse of the Flat Tops. End your 5-mile walk at the Shingle Peak camp where your host will greet you with a cool drink and a warm meal.

Day 5: Wake to the coffee brewing and prepare for your longest hike yet; a mostly downhill 8-mile trek that will earn you your just reward of a pub meal and beverage at Trappers Lodge Restaurant.

On your final night, you’ll stay with us at Ute Lodge. Enjoy a hot shower and sleep in a cozy bed in our largest cabin, the Spruce Cabin.

* Choose your start date of July 20, 21 or 22
* Limited to three groups; four-six people each
* Total of five nights
* All lodging, food and permits included
* $950 per person

Call (970) 878-4669 to make your group’s reservation today!

Big Fish Trailhead
This is where your trek begins.
Big Fish Lake Flat Tops
Your first camp is located not far from Big Fish Lake.
Big Fish Camp
One of the tents at your first Camp.
From the Flat Tops
On the Flat Tops
Shingle Peak Camp - Flat Tops Trekking
Shingle Camp – location of your last Flat Tops camp