Colorado Mountain Activities

You came to the Ute Lodge to get away from it all, but now that you’ve had a good night’s rest, it’s time to get out there and play in the woods.

Hiking and Horses and Trout, oh my… what to do first!


Hiking in our area of the White River National Forest in the summer is a dream.  There are few people, loads of flowers and, did we mention the berries?  There are many nearby trailheads.  You could explore for weeks and never do the same hike twice.  Borrow one of our hiking trail books or just walk out your cabin door.

The Papoose Creek Trail Head is literally located right at our place and the Ute Creek Trail Head is just over a 1/4 of a mile away.

Yoga Weekend

July 17-19, 2020.

Arrive Friday.  Enjoy an evening class (suitable for all levels) with dinner to follow.  Saturday has a morning class and an evening class with free time during the day.  Sunday will have one morning class with a hearty breakfast to follow.  See link for details.

Guest Horse Corrals & Horseback Riding

Bringing your own horse?  Ute Lodge has corrals for you to keep your own horses.

Care to see our mountains from the back of a horse? We work with Welder Outfitting Services who offer trail rides, fishing trail rides, and overnight trips.  These horses are gentle and mountain savvy.  They know where to step on our mountain trails and provide a safe, enjoyable way to see the splendor of the Flat Tops.  Contact Welder Outfitting directly to book your trail rides.

Just looking for a hand-led pony ride for the youngest riders?  We’ve got you covered (no charge).

Dancing through Time & Space Under the Perseids

You have to check this out!

Tuesday August 11 through Sunday August 15 2020

Atmospheric scientist, geologist and avid night-sky watcher Scott Denning and dancer, choreographer, yogi and movement artist Ann Moradian join forces at Ute Lodge to explore, learn about, and immerse ourselves in the natural world, from the birth of the universe, to the incoming and outgoing breath that sustains our lives today. In addition to daily movement, breathing practices and self-awareness, we will experience the geology and ecology of this extraordinary region by day, and explore galaxy amid the Perseid meteor shower under the very dark night skies of a mountain wilderness during the new moon.

ATV Trails

We are located at a main access point to the newly developed Wagon Wheel OHV Trails – welcome to ATV heaven. The Wagon Wheel Trail accommodates motorcycles, mountain biking, 4-wheelers and side-by-sides.

With hundreds of miles of trails to discover and explore, you’d better ask for more vacation time.

WAGON WHEEL OHV RENDEZVOUS – dates coming soon.


Whether you like to sit by our lake and watch our horses graze nearby when you should be watching your bobber, or you’re angling your rod under a willow to present a dry fly in a tiny patch of clear water (where a monster cutthroat awaits), we’ve got it.

Our private stocked pond is full of rainbows, brooks and cutthroats, and a few lunker browns that get caught every year.

There are hundreds of miles of public streams as well as lakes in close proximity that offer fishing adventure for all abilities.

There are public waters along the nearby White River (Rio Blanco) and we also have access to a small stretch of private water on the White River.


Who can resist the mesmerizing campfire – the s’mores – the happy chap with the guitar – or the twinkling stars above?  It is all part of the Colorado outdoor experience.


The Spring Cave is truly a unique experience.   The spectacular scenery from the South Fork alone is worth the trip.  Stalagmites and stalactites, cavernous rooms and a crystal clear underground river greet the adventurous spelunker.

The Spring Cave is not for the faint of heart.  It is a mile hike to the mouth of the cave.  It is cold, dark and damp.  It has tight squeezes, ropes and ladder descents and slick surfaces but this self guided caving experience is one of a kind.


We often hear that it is the kids who beg to return to the Ute Lodge. Whether it is the independent feeling they get when they venture to the play ground by themselves (view-able from most cabins), or the fishing in our stocked lake (where our horses are likely to come by and say hello), or the evening campfires with s’mores or the trips to the barnyard to give out scraps to our pigs, turkeys or chickens — KIDS LOVE THE UTE LODGE.

Paddle Boarding – SUP

Paddle Up Colorado is local to the Meeker area.  Give them a ring if you want to rent paddle boards or book a trip.  970-683-1875.

July Trekking Trip 2021

We have partnered with Adams Lodge Outfitters & Ripple Creek Lodge Outfitting to provide a self-guided Flat Tops Trekking Trip where you will hike between camps.  Each camp has its own host/cook who will await your arrival.   These trips take place the last two weeks of July.

Gather 4-6 of your friends.

You will stay your first night in our Spruce Cabin at the Ute Lodge where we will deliver a hearty mountain breakfast to your porch in the morning before delivering you to the trailhead.
– Hike in 3.3 miles to your first camp where your cook awaits you.
– Relax for the evening with good food, campfire stories, and star gazing.
– Sleep in a wall tent equipped with cots, sleeping pads, lanterns, & wash bin.

In the morning your camp cook will prepare breakfast, hand you a sack lunch, and point you in the direction of your next camp (5.5 miles away) where another camp host will await your arrival.

You will spend three nights in three consecutive camps.  The hike out on your last day is the longest at 8 miles. Your final night will be back at the Ute Lodge where you will stay either in a cabin or in our back-county Old Baldy Yurt.

  • Total of 5 nights
  • All lodging and food included
  • $900/person

We will start booking this trip in January 2021 Call us at (970) 878-4669 to make a reservation.